japanese_cake (japanese_cake) wrote,

Release: Custom BootROM v1.032

Hi there,

A couple of months ago, I thought I was ready to release my new bios. Unfortunately for me, at that time, I was really busy and my bios mod started to show weaknesses. As I don't have the right soldering equipment, I had to work with my Dreamcast and all its little faulty contacts. I worked hard to get the reset exception working correctly... actually way more than I should have! The reason? On my Dreamcast, the faulty contacts I mentioned were crashing the Dreamcast upon reset! I took me quite some time to figure this out :/

That was quite unfortunate for me but at least it gave me the opportunity to have a glance at other things. I explored a bit how the region protections games like San Franciso RUSH 2049 have and came up with a solution that fake the system region. Later I decided to force the video signal to output a 60hz refresh rate (more details in the readme file) and so on and so forth. So now the bios I'm releasing today is way more advance than I planned initially.

With the holidays coming, I don't want to hold it any longer. However I prefer to warn you beforehand: even if I tested most of the features, I can not guarantee that everything is 100% working (and constructive feedback is welcome). I am sorry for this but no worries, the bios does not contain some kind of bad-ass code that could destroy your Dreamcast ;)

I tried my best to add new features, improve compatibility with some naughty retail games. But it comes with some drawbacks: no cheat disc until I release one compatible with my bios, some independent games like Pier Solar do not work anymore (again, more details in the readme file). I will address those problems later. For those using GD-Emu, you are probably also using the GD-Menu app Neuroacid created. Well here again it doesn't work anymore, but soon a compatible will come to light! By the way, kudos to neuroacid who saved me time and helped me a lot for the testing!

Ok, that's enough talking for now, let's check the features out:

bootROM v1.032 Retail & DevKit Changelog:

  • In BIOS menu to update the following bootROM settings (Boot animation color, SEGA license screen skip, MIL-CD/backup direct-boot, Dreamcast main menu scenery perspective and color)

  • Skip the "set date/time" screen

  • BIOS video mode forced to 60hz

  • Auto region patching for GD-ROMs

  • Internal changes for future updates

Please read the readme file to see the complete list of features.

Download link (contains retail & devkit boot anim): jc-bootROM-v1.032.zip

  • jc-bootROM-retail-v1.032.bin SHA1: ec42875983f33cefafe8616eb9152cf0172136ae

  • jc-bootROM-devkit-v1.032.bin SHA1: b5b00b3a34d6556abb34450d0fb9d37a57d7dd05

See you soon!
Tags: beta bootstrap, bios, bootrom, custom bios, dreamcast, v1.032
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