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GDI Explorer v1.4 and what next

So far, I have been working on a newer version of GDI Explorer. At first, I had said that I would fix bugs related to the gdi files which contain some tabulation caracters. Little by little, I saw that many had to be fixed up, especially in the code in charge of reading the path table of an iso file. Since I have a lot to do for my other project (GDLAN Loader), I have decided to fix as many bugs as I can in this release so that the next version can focus entirely on the application core improvement.

GDI Explorer changelog:
 - Added: Now support reading compressed GDI archives (ZIP) but it can still not extract data from them.
 - Fixed: Cannot parse GDI file with tabulation chars.
 - Fixed: Unable to extract directories when their relative name is like another ones in an highest path.
 - Fixed: The 2 seconds pause at the end of each CD-DA tracks is not well removed.
 - Fixed: An extracted directory datetime do not match with iso datetime.
 - Fixed: File association does not support long filenames.
 - Fixed: The UI does not clean some fields when a loading error occures.
 - Fixed: The right-click menu option "Convert all GDDA" appears even if there is no GDDA track.
 - Cleanup: UI's code and debugging information

At this point, I can continue my work on an GDRom-drive debugging tool. This tool simply hooks the Dreamcast syscalls, sends the syscall information over the LAN interface. In doing so, on the PC side, a logger keeps the trace of all syscalls sent to the GDRom drive while playing a game. I want to release a first version which enables you to send your own logs in a database. That way, it would be easier to emulate the GDRom drive (and to know which games may raise issues).


Download: GDI Explorer v1.4b (Fixed) (Fix GDI file parsing issue)
Update: no more dead link!
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