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DC custom BIOS

Hi there,

There is something I wanted to share before going any further in the bootROM/BIOS hacking for the Dreamcast. It is a modified BIOS base on the version 1.01d of the retail one.
Copy/paste of the readme:

  • Region free: boot GD/CD from any regions. The J/U/E flags as well as the area protection slots that reside in the AIP (A.K.A. IP.BIN) are now simply ignored.

  • No VGA flag check: no matter if the game supports the VGA output, the lets it boot. There are games that supports the VGA cable but for some reason the VGA flag in the AIP is not set. The use of a boot CD thus was needed. Now, you will never get the annoying "This game doesn't support the AV cable that is currently connected to the main console" anymore.

  • Bootfile extent check: allow a game to boot even if its bootfile, more commonly called 1ST_READ.BIN, is not located on the outer part of the disc. I don't know whether it can be of any use for people using discs. However, for the lucky owners of ODDE for Dreamcast, you can re-build games' track 3 without any padding. For instance, with "Dreamkey 3.0 v1.001 (2001)(Sega)(PAL)(M8)[!]", the track03.bin is ~1.10GB. Re-building the track (track03.iso) using the following command: mkisofs -C 0,45000 -V DREAMKEY3 -G IP.BIN -l -o track03.iso data will made the track03.iso way smaller (only ~93MB). Homebrews can also be rebuilt to GDI so that the 0GDTEXT.PVR texture shows up in the audio player :)

  • Display bootROM version: the current version of the bootROM appears in the up-right corner of the screen.

Download: jc-bootROM-v1.030.zip (get it from here)

I hope it will make the VGA freaks happy: no more boot disc required! (Except for some games but no worries, I'm going tackles them down soon :)
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