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DC custom BIOS with devkit intro

First of all, thanks to Link83 who made that possible by releasing his regionfree+devkit intro BIOS a while ago.
So today, you know what I am talking about, I release my custom bootROM, with the same features as the one released previously, except that that one has the devkit intro. And of course, it works on the real hardware :)

Download: jc-bootROM-devkit-v1.030.zip
Download: jc-bootROM-retail-v1.030.zip (it's exactly the same BIOS file, just the Readme file has been slightly updated)

To make sure you get what I release, here are the sha1 hashes:

  • jc-bootROM-retail-v1.030.bin: 1F385633B2438BAA1984C1194021DCA967B8D095

  • jc-bootROM-devkit-v1.030.bin: 96A4B580E26B1DC696004757F588647B8172961A

About note about my VGA/60hz patches: soon, I may not have enough time to work on that until this summer. I've made progress with some 240p games (like Bangai-o, KOF, etc.) but not enough to consider them as "patchable". I thought first that it would something to do with the graphic library that was too old to stretch the game to fit he VGA resolution, but my guess now is that I have to play with the frame buffer and double the pixels and the lines. Don't know whether it is going to have impacts on the performances though. Let's wait and see!
Tags: 240p, bios, bootrom, v1.030

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