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In the meanwhile...

As many of you have asked for VGA/60hz patch for all the other language specific versions of Resident Evil: Code Veronica, here they come! Yesterday I decided to work on that but I spent most of my time writing makefiles so that one make command creates all the bin, ppf and nfo files for each language (english, french, dutch and spanish). To be honest, I hate makefiles, specially on the Windows platform (I'm using the official SEGA SDK to compile my patches... Don't ask me why :). I'm used to have all the linux tools handy so when I work on Windows it is frustuating; no sed, no grep, no simple way to manipulate strings, etc. Anyway, I eventually made it out.

Starting from now, I expect some people to start speed-running that game on Dreamcast! As far as I'm concerned, I don't go beyong the "press start button" screen, those survival-horror games scare me to death :)

Download links:
UPDATE: I remove the links for now since I've found something wrong: the game actually initializes the gfx stack another time, later in the game (at least one more time). It happens when you reach the room where you get the two golden Lugers. I will fix that a bit later. Thank you.

UPDATE #2: problem fixed :)
Tags: 60hz, dreamcast, resident evil, vga
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