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Custom BIOS goes to version 1.031!

Hi there,

I have been working quite a long time on that version. And not necessarily on the features that may sound hard. Changing from white to black the fade-in color when booting a GD-ROM took me a couple of hours. I was looking for something that does not exist in the code so that kinda explains why :) That version is intermediate in the sense that I needed to be sure that backups can boot without a system-reset before going any further in my research. Now that I know it is possible, many things are worth considering in the next versions. The first things that come to my mind are the extra region protections  games can have (RGB/PAL protection, system broadcast check, etc.) then a in-game-reset that is working in all games. Finally, I am considering working on the bleemcast issue. As far as I know, it's the only game that does not like my bios....
Oh, yeah, speaking of that, I really need support. All my GD-ROM drives are broken and I need to get a new one. I would also appreciate if someone could make me an offer for a black Dreamcast, with its box. I am looking for an almost-new one (scratch-free). The US Sport Edition would even be better :) Well, it's time to let you download the "stuff" and enjoy it!

New features (for a long description, see the readme file):

  • SEGA License screen skip

  • MIL-CD/backup direct boot

  • Black fade-in color while booting from menu

  • No VMU copy-protected file check

And for those that don't really what I am talking about, I made a short video:

Update #1: someone gently reported that once a GDRom has been detected by the console, no MIL-CD/backup can boot up. GDEmu and UGC are fine though since they do not emulate the drive lock protection.I did not know that, so for now, until I'm able to test and either fix or disable the direct-boot feature, I remove the download links. Thank you.

Update #2: The next version V1.032 is almost ready. I'll put a release note about the MIL-CD issue you can experience. In the meanwhile, as some people asked, I put back the link to download the v1.031 release.

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